The Field of Advertising Spend

Griping about Facebook’s “sudden” decision to limit posts as draconian, & “greedy”?  Facebook, greedy? Naw! *psssht!* I doubt Facebook exists only because Mark wants to see the world fall apart bitching each other.

The Field of Advertising Spend is where the cash cow is grazing, baby. And the digital frontier that is Digital Media isn’t going to be any different.

FB’s decision to “suddenly” charge for exposure is certainly not sudden. They’ve been planning this for years, methinks. Theirs is long term digital marketing initiative that is brilliant in its simplicity.

1. Give users FREE pages to shout about their business
2. Prove that it works
3. Get your biz owners hooked
4. Then slowly tighten the choke hold real slow & see who flinches.
5. Pay Up. No? Ok. *ChokeChoke.*
6. Repeat step 5 ad nauseum.

Tahdah!! It’s quite simple – their message now is:

You’ve used it, you know it works, & you know what happens when you don’t the exposure. So pay up, & we’ll make it even better for you. If you decide you don’t want to pay, hey… no hard feelings coz we’re still gonna give you a 1-2% view rate. We are kind like that.

Which just happens to be the standard  statistic for views, or impressions as we so term it in digital media.

Ooo! What. A. Coincidence.


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